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RS232 Trigger For Cash Drawer
Product name:RS232 Trigger For Cash Drawer


Specification for USB & RS232 Trigger

USB Trigger RS232 Trigger

KIU-100 cash drawer driver box provides a USB interface for connecting cash drawer and computer, that is, it need not printer (or customer display), but directly open cash drawer in the form of commands from computer.

The driver invents a serial port (realized by PL2303 chip ), making POS software can operate cash drawer by using standard RS232 serial. Meanwhile, a computer can be connected to multi-KIU-100 driver boxes, thereby controlling multiple cash drawers.

Functions and Features:
1. The cash drawer directly connects to computers, eliminating the printer
2. It directly takes eletricity power from the computer USB port, eliminating the additional power adapter;
3. support hotplug, plug and play;
4. Without the need of setting the COM parameters;
5. Without commands of cash drawer. The cash drawer will be opened as long as sending any data to a virtual serial port.

Difference between USB with RS232 Trigger:

USB Trigger: need device driver!

RS232 Trigger: Without the need of device driver!

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